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Do you have an issue that feels overwhelming?

Do you need healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level?

Is prevailing psychotherapy not meeting all your needs?

Holistic Healing Arts
Holistic Healing Arts specializes in combining contemporary traumatology techniques with Native Mesoamerican healing traditions. These modalities are extremely effective in trauma resolution, personal growth and healing chronic emotional and spiritual issues.

Every individual has unique challenges in growth and healing. We provide customized consultation targeting the specific needs of the individual, family, child, teen or couple. With 10 years of experience, Dr. Mohr-Almeida helps individuals resolve core issues on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Rather than creating client dependency, Dr. Mohr-Almeida assists individuals to achieve lasting and dramatic growth in 5 sessions or less, and teaches skills for sustaining healing between sessions.

"Our mission is to bring you the tools and practices to achieve personal and interrelational fulfillment, minimizing long-term dependency on therapy.  Each person and situation is unique and all sessions and healing modalities are designed to your individualized needs.  Some core issues can be resolved in one session, while others may take several to bring complete resolution."  - Dr. Kathy Mohr-Almeida

In addition to her doctoral degree, Dr. Mohr-Almeida has completed an apprenticeship with an elder in Curanderismo and studied with healers from Mexico and Central America. Dr. Mohr-Almeida’s healing theory work has been strongly influenced by Carl Jung, Robert A. Johnson and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, among others.  She also has degrees in English, Journalism, Elementary Education, a Master's Degree in Psychology.

Dr. Mohr-Almeida is Spanish-English bilingual in all modalities of communication.

Dr. Mohr-Almeida's book, Curanderismo and Healing Trauma:: An Integration of Mesoamerican Traditional Healing and Contemporary Psychotherapy

To hear Dr. Mohr-Almeida speak about Curanderismo and traditional healing practices, click the play button below.

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